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If a writer posts a blog and no one reads it, does it exist?

If a writer posts a blog and no one reads it, does it exist?


[My mind wanders a lot and this is what tends to find its way into my head when I’m not paying attention. This is not the first time it’s happened. Check out my first post Musings.]


If I ride my bike along the same path I took yesterday, am I re-cycling?


Do schizophrenics ever get lonely? I mean, they always have someone to talk to.


Do spiders ever wake up in the morning covered in human bites?


Fish don’t have lungs so they can’t cough, and if they can’t cough, how do they show they’re uncomfortable in a formal social setting?


Why do some men lose hair on their heads as they age and gain more on their bodies? Is this the effect of gravity?


Wouldn’t it be great if your seat cushion on the airplane turned into a parachute instead of a flotation device?


Birds fly south in the winter because it’s warmer. People live in Alaska year round. Are birds smarter than Alaskans?


Why don’t we ever have to trim our arm hair?


At the end of the day, where do Port – O – Potties get emptied?


If cat’s pajamas are so great, why don’t I ever see cats wearing them?


Why does the word “Whisper” sound like it should only be said in a whisper?


Should I trust any psychic that can’t tell me the winning lottery numbers?


Why does Wonder Woman need an invisible plane? Would a regular plane hinder her in some way?


I’d love for someone to invent gluten-free gluten so I can go back to eating bread again.


What’s worse than being an ear, nose and throat doctor to a giraffe? Being an orthodontist to a shark.


Why is it always the stupidest people that assure you “I’m not stupid ok?”?







9 thoughts on “More Musings

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  2. Yes, it exists unread; Yes, that’s recycling; No, they don’t get lonely; No, we do bite them but they don’t wake from it; Fish show their discomfort by floating on their side… wait, fish don’t have lungs?? What about labyrinth organs, do those fish that have those cough?; No, it’s the effect of all that hatting around; No, if it turned into a parachute we’d see human popscicles floating slowly to earth… it’s cold up there; Yes, only rocks are dumber than Alaskans; Because we’re too busy shaving it all off?: Port O Potties dumped? Hmmmm haven’t you noticed the increase in shit coming out of the DC area? How could you miss that?; The kittehs are hiding the jim jams from theives if you peak under the fur you’ll see them.; Because whispers are best done quietly.; Never trust a psychic if they were real they’d be too rich to need your money; The props department couldn’t afford a model airplane, same thing happened to superman; Sounds like a plan why don’t you get to work on it?; Shark ortho would be pretty bad; They’re not assuring you, they’re checking to see if it’s ok with you that they’re stupid.

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  3. “If a writer posts a blog and no one reads it, does it exist?”
    I believe it does. The majority of us may be here harboring expectations that our writings be noticed and read, and that we may gain either personal or business connections, but I have also seen some blogs that have been carrying on in spite of having no viewers. There are bloggers who simply want to document their thoughts, creativity, and life stories; there are bloggers as well who do it purely for the love of writing regardless of readership.

    You have a wonderful blog.

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    • I agree. I suspect most writers want to be noticed, but there is, for me at least, an inherent joy in writing. I love that we have reached a point in our technological advancement that people across the globe can share thoughts and ideas so easily. Thank you again for your insightful comments.

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      • My pleasure. The joy of reading and writing is the reason why I’ve been around WP for quite some time. I like your insights — honest and challenging.
        Glad to have chanced upon your blog. 🙂
        Warm Regards.

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