My Introduction

Well here we are, my newest blog page. I’ve had several blogs in past years that fizzled out after only about a month or so. What can I say? I lack discipline. But no longer, good readers! My New Life (as opposed to a New Year) resolution is to hone my writing skills, finish my writing projects, submit my projects for publication/film production and ultimately find a way to make a living by sharing what’s inside my head with all of you. So this blog is an exercise in writing discipline. I have committed myself to at least five blog posts per week and yes, I DO want feedback.

The topics of this blog will vary according to my moods. I may provide political or social commentary or satire. I might share information or just ramble on about nothing at all. I might entertain you with short stories or infuriate you with my personal views on life. In short, this blog is about stuff. All kinds of stuff. Blog stuff. And what sets this blog apart from all the other blogs in the (I love this word) blogosphere? That’s easy. It’s mine.

So read away my friends (and enemies too). Feel free to share anything you like. Someday you might say, “I remember when he started out with just a blog”. Chances are that I’ll still be writing just a blog, but in the off chance I make something of all this… YOU WERE THERE TO SEE IT ALL HAPPEN!

~ V

Speak and Be Heard! (or write and be seen, actually)

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