What My Favorite Television Shows Have Taught Me

Game of Dead

Like millions of viewers around the world, I find myself glued to my television set whenever “Game of Thrones” (GoT) or “The Walking Dead” (TWD) air. I love these two shows. In fact, I sometimes feel my interest lies on the border of obsession. If that is true, at least I can take comfort in knowing that I am far from being alone in that matter. Both shows have loyal followers that few other shows in history have garnered.

Like most things, certainly most popular things, GoT and TWD have found their fair share of critics. Detractors of the shows point out that both contain a plethora (Oh, how I love that word. Thank you “Three Amigos“) of gratuitous violence and (in the case of GoT) nudity. To that I say… Ok. I will not deny that both shows are violent and GoT does have copious amounts of boobs and butts and even naughtier parts. (What a great time to have large screen HD TV screens, right?) Both show what must be gallons of blood, gore, severed limbs, internal organs and a host of other icky things. But is it gratuitous? I say no.

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The Walking Dead Theorem

Where's Brad Pitt when you need him?

Where’s Brad Pitt when you need him?


In a zombie apocalypse world, who would fare better? The liberal or the conservative? Post apocalyptic life would require innovation, efficient community and use of resources, a form of group oriented government and respect for and active involvement in the protection of the environment. Which group embodies those traits more?

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