Invasion of the Pod People

pod people

I just finished watching The Faculty for the umpteenth time (I like that word “umpteenth”). Of all the “body snatcher” movies, it’s one of my favorites. For those that have never seen it, the movie borrows heavily from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which in turn (as the character Stokely points out) takes its premise from Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters. Essentially, aliens invade Earth, replicate themselves in human bodies (or as in the case of “Invasion” replicas of human bodies) and slowly attempt to assimilate all of mankind. It’s a slightly more elegant form of what the Borg attempt to do. (Resistance is NOT futile, thank you very much) And if you don’t know who the Borg are… sigh… I’m afraid we have reached the line, dear Reader where we may not be able to communicate clearly at all. My apologies.

Of course, these scenarios are always played out in a horror fashion. The aliens always seem to have some kind of collective consciousness or a “hive” mentality if you will. Individuality is washed away and all the “converted” become calm little worker drones. The primary theme is the fear that humans seem to have of losing ourselves in a sea of conformity. “I don’t want to be a follower!” the subconscious screams. “Let me be me!”

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