And Then What Happens?


As I may have mentioned in the past, I’ve not written a lot of fiction. In my early days (translation: back in the stone age when I was in high school) I dabbled with poetry and short stories and essentially produced a small pile of crap. My conclusion: I suck at writing fiction. Years later, I started spending a lot (too much) of my time online in chat forums and inadvertently began honing my writing skills as I engaged in the utterly useless, but thoroughly enjoyable art of internet fighting. At first I cut my teeth on learning how to properly “flame” a person, which is basically a way of creatively insulting the character of someone I’ve never met. From there I drew on the essay skills I first encountered in my sophomore English class and later developed in several college courses. I used these essay writing skills to craft logical and nearly indefensible arguments against the many trolls online that, I’m quite sure, were very impressed that I could draft a five paragraph response as to why I actually didn’t suck donkey nuts.

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