Why Are You Reading This?

Hmm... What to put in here?

Hmm… What to put in here?

I’ve really come to love blogging. For years I’ve had all kinds of strange thoughts running around in my head, like a big party where all the guests are patients at a mental institution. I’ve had to keep them all locked up inside this mental bunker I call my brain. But blogging has allowed me to let these thoughts run free on the world and now that they’re out there terrorizing others, they tend to leave me alone.

What? Oh yeah, sorry about that. I’m sure they’ll calm down eventually.

Or not.

I’ve also begun to understand that blogging is a process of discovery. To borrow a very well placed analogy from the movie “Shrek“, I am like an ogre… wait, no that’s not right. Advance that forward a bit. I am like an onion (ok, here we are). I have layers. And the more I blog, the more layers I peel back and the more I discover about myself. For example, I learned just the other day that contrary to a long-held belief of mine, I am actually not Spiderman’s alter ego, Peter Parker. Huh. Who knew?

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