The Toilet Seat Debate

Which way does it go?

Which way does it go?

For years a debate has raged between men and women who co-habitate about the correct position in which the toilet seat should be left. This argument is second in ferocity only to the debate about the proper way to hang a roll of toilet paper (The correct answer of course is “over“)

Women contend that the toilet lid should remain down as both of their bodily voiding functions require this position. Men feel they have a right to place the seat up when they urinate and should not be blamed if the forget and leave it that way. I believe I have found a solution to this dilemma that will appease everyone.

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In Search of Feminism

boys are stupid

I was asked recently if I really was a male chauvinist or if that was just how I portrayed myself in my blog. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve taken some humorous liberties in discussing differences between men and women in a few of my articles, and while the comments and concepts were tongue in cheek, I can’t say everything I’ve said was false. Perhaps it’s truer to say it was an exaggeration of how I feel. Let me explain my side and then you can decide for yourself.

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Men Are Pigs. Thanks.

I'm sexy and I know it

I’m sexy and I know it

An Open Letter to Women:

I’ve heard many women refer to men as pigs. I myself have been called that on occasion, in addition to several different body parts. (That’s right, I’m an elbow). What I think women fail to understand it that calling a man a pig is not really an insult to us. Say what you want, but men pretty much know what they are. It’s not a secret.

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