What I Learned About Wisconsin

A view of the prairie garden behind my mother's home.

A view of the prairie garden behind my mother’s home.

I spent over 15 years of my life living in the great state of Wisconsin. These were my formative years. From the time I was a small child to my teen years, southern Wisconsin was my home. Growing up, I never really gave much thought to what was all around me. Maybe familiarity does breed contempt. As many kids do, I would dream of visiting far away places. Warm sandy beaches or towering mountains, just about anywhere seemed better than the hills and corn fields of the Midwest. I longed to leave there and see “the real world”. Eventually I moved away and have since spent my time in warmer climates. Sunny Florida and  dry Arizona have been my places of residence now for many years. Both states are magnificent and beautiful but Wisconsin has always lingered in my heart and in my memories like a first love that you never really get over.

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