An Insightful View Into the Loss of Intellectualism and Critical Thinking


This is a first for me on my blog. Normally I would take an article like the one I’m about to show you and use it as inspiration for my own thoughts, which I would then write about here. In this case, there’s no possible way I could write a better article than David Niose has on what I believe to be the very heart of much of what is wrong in the world today.

Now, having just read those words, please don’t tune out. I know many of you want to only expose yourself to happy, positive thoughts, (not that this article is necessarily negative) but I believe this article is so profound and important that it should be read by everyone. I believe this so much so that I’m reposting it here.

The intended audience is the American public, but I think this relates to just about everyone, everywhere. Anti-inellectualism and lack of critical thinking is pervasive in nearly all cultures and societies globally and is really at the root of much of our human dysfunction. Please feel free to share this with others.

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Cruzin’ For a Bruisin’

Isn't he special?

Isn’t he special?

The more I read about Senator Ted Cruz, the Republican from Texas who recently announced his candidacy for President, the more I like him. As a Liberal, I find that he embodies so much of what I oppose: He’s anti-climate change, opposes immigration reform, anti-choice, fought against health care reform, oh heck, the list goes on. So why would I like him? Because if he wins the Republican nomination the Democrats could run nearly anyone against him and win. He’s the new Michele Bachmann.

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The Energy Game


Like many people, I have a hard time understanding why opposition to climate change still exists and why the proponents of the notion that climate change is a farce are so adamant and tenacious about their position. After all, the evidence that climate change is happening and that it is being impacted by human existence is overwhelming.

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