A Much Needed Break

Writing is hard work.

Writing is hard work.

To those who follow my blog I wish to apologize for the long absence of posts from me. I normally try to post at least three articles per week and I’ve fallen a bit shy of that as of late. Certain things in my life required my attention and I had to put my writing on hiatus. However, I am back and ready to resume my rants and I hope to have something ready for you today or tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you for your patience and yes, it’s good to be back!


More Musings

If a writer posts a blog and no one reads it, does it exist?

If a writer posts a blog and no one reads it, does it exist?


[My mind wanders a lot and this is what tends to find its way into my head when I’m not paying attention. This is not the first time it’s happened. Check out my first post Musings.]


If I ride my bike along the same path I took yesterday, am I re-cycling?


Do schizophrenics ever get lonely? I mean, they always have someone to talk to.


Do spiders ever wake up in the morning covered in human bites?


Fish don’t have lungs so they can’t cough, and if they can’t cough, how do they show they’re uncomfortable in a formal social setting?


Why do some men lose hair on their heads as they age and gain more on their bodies? Is this the effect of gravity?


Wouldn’t it be great if your seat cushion on the airplane turned into a parachute instead of a flotation device?


Birds fly south in the winter because it’s warmer. People live in Alaska year round. Are birds smarter than Alaskans?


Why don’t we ever have to trim our arm hair?


At the end of the day, where do Port – O – Potties get emptied?


If cat’s pajamas are so great, why don’t I ever see cats wearing them?


Why does the word “Whisper” sound like it should only be said in a whisper?


Should I trust any psychic that can’t tell me the winning lottery numbers?


Why does Wonder Woman need an invisible plane? Would a regular plane hinder her in some way?


I’d love for someone to invent gluten-free gluten so I can go back to eating bread again.


What’s worse than being an ear, nose and throat doctor to a giraffe? Being an orthodontist to a shark.


Why is it always the stupidest people that assure you “I’m not stupid ok?”?







An Insightful View Into the Loss of Intellectualism and Critical Thinking


This is a first for me on my blog. Normally I would take an article like the one I’m about to show you and use it as inspiration for my own thoughts, which I would then write about here. In this case, there’s no possible way I could write a better article than David Niose has on what I believe to be the very heart of much of what is wrong in the world today.

Now, having just read those words, please don’t tune out. I know many of you want to only expose yourself to happy, positive thoughts, (not that this article is necessarily negative) but I believe this article is so profound and important that it should be read by everyone. I believe this so much so that I’m reposting it here.

The intended audience is the American public, but I think this relates to just about everyone, everywhere. Anti-inellectualism and lack of critical thinking is pervasive in nearly all cultures and societies globally and is really at the root of much of our human dysfunction. Please feel free to share this with others.

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An International Greeting


The internet is a marvelous, mysterious, dangerous thing. I won’t prattle on about that last item. I’ve done some of that already. I want to focus on the first two. Years ago, I owned and operated an entertainment website that featured a chat forum. Through that forum I was able to connect with people all over the globe. I formed some decent friendships in the years I frequented my site (and others).

I stepped away from that world almost a decade ago because I was becoming too consumed with my online life and my real life was suffering. I don’t regret that choice. Now that I’m blogging though, I’m reminded of some of the things I loved about that old life of mine. I’m still fascinated by my ability to connect with people half a world away. Some might argue — validly — that the internet is changing the way that humans interact with one another and I would agree. Like the proverbial two-edged sword, this brings about consequences that are both beneficial and, well… not beneficial.

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap

Farewell Jon Snow. RIP.

Farewell Jon Snow. RIP.

[I shouldn’t have to say there are spoilers in this article. If you have not watched GoT’s Season Five in its entirety, you might not want to read the following piece]


It’s actually taken me several days to collect myself after the season finale of Game of Thrones. The final episode, “Mother’s Mercy” took its toll on me, as it has for many other fans across the globe. Oddly enough, the ending came as no surprise (unlike the results of “The Rains of Castamere” or “The Mountain and the Viper”). As I’ve mentioned in other articles, I am not a reader of A Song of Ice and Fire, so what I know is taken only from the television show. There was a time when I never would have believed GRRM or Weiss and Benioff would kill off Jon Snow, but as we all know by now, ALL MEN MUST DIE.

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The Joy of Blogging


When I began blogging several months ago, I approached each post as though it were a self-contained piece of work, like product on an assembly line. A better analogy might be that I wrote like every blog post were an English assignment from my college days and I sat at my laptop, fingers stretched and ready to tickle the keys, prepared to crank out another “A+” paper. (I maintained a pretty decent GPA during college). I did this, in part, because I wanted to use this blog to showcase my writing styles and talent for potential employers. This was to be my electronic portfolio. I wrote humor, editorials, articles on science and technology and a lot of other miscellaneous pieces.

I still write those kinds of posts, but I’ve found that lately I’m pulled towards just writing about myself and my own thoughts on life and allowing these posts to flow organically together. I think I’d forgotten that blogging originally started as electronic journals where folks shared their inner thoughts with no purpose other than to get their ideas out of their heads and into a physical space. Journaling has been around for a long time, but only with the invention of the internet did the concept of sharing these thoughts with the world become popular. It was a novel idea. I, with a click of a button, can get a glimpse inside the mind of a perfect stranger and experience their perspective.

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The Flames of Freedom


I’ve been seeing a lot of photos and conversation lately concerning the desecration of the American Flag. I wish I could say that most of the conversations have been comprised of intelligent, reasonable discourse over the importance of the First Amendment and the concerns of those who burn or trample the flag, but sadly this is not so.

What I have seen rather, is the usual bigoted, “Love it or Leave it” sort of blind patriotism that all too often dominates these conversations. Allow me to illustrate. This meme was recently posted by a conservative Facebook page.

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A New Environmental Crisis: High Levels of Smug


We are approaching critical levels

We are approaching critical levels

“You really shouldn’t eat beef, ya know… like, it’s full of hormones and stuff and like… it’s totally bad fer you.”

“OMG, I ONLY eat free range chicken. I think chickens should be happy before they’re slaughtered for food. You can taste the happiness in every bite.”

“I could NEVER eat anything that has eyes. Meat is murder, ya know? I’m strictly a vegetarian.”

“Vegetarians are SO unenlightened. My diet is pure vegan. You should change to a vegan diet. I feel SO much better.”

“I’ve eliminated all the gluten from my diet. I read it causes cancer… or something. Jeez, why don’t they have more gluten-free foods at this grocery store. Ugh, this is why I only shop at Whole Foods.”

“You don’t buy all organic? That non-organic stuff will kill you, ya know. The pesticides build up in your body and cause like… brain bleeding or something. Even my Pop Tarts are organic because the label says so.”

“You bought a puppy? I would like… NEVER do that. Puppies are adopted so easily. I got my dog Rex from a shelter. He was a 14-year-old rescue dog. He was blind and only had three legs. That’s like, the socially responsible thing to do, ya know.”

“You’re still driving a regular compact car? You know how much carbon emissions come from that? I totally drive a hybrid and we’re thinking of getting an electric next year. Don’t you care about the environment?”

“Caitlyn Jenner is SO beautiful, don’t you think? It was so brave of her to come out like that. I wish I could just see her picture everywhere I go to inspire me. Anyone that doesn’t just love her is a transphobic jerk.”

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You Can’t Please Anyone

Just lie down and close your eyes. This won't hurt a bit.

Just lie down and close your eyes. This won’t hurt a bit.

People love me… until they don’t. My non-fiction posts are often inflammatory as I tend to discuss controversial topics (and I do so with no small amount of sarcasm). If you share my point of view, you may find yourself cheering me on. It’s always fun to have someone champion your ideals or causes, especially if it’s someone who isn’t afraid to really lay it all out there in a brutally honest way. As I’m busy hacking and slicing away at my intellectual opponents, my supporters laugh and high-five each other and point out that all the “haters” need to develop a sense of humor or better still, wise up to the “truth”. (Whatever that may be).

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And Then What Happens?


As I may have mentioned in the past, I’ve not written a lot of fiction. In my early days (translation: back in the stone age when I was in high school) I dabbled with poetry and short stories and essentially produced a small pile of crap. My conclusion: I suck at writing fiction. Years later, I started spending a lot (too much) of my time online in chat forums and inadvertently began honing my writing skills as I engaged in the utterly useless, but thoroughly enjoyable art of internet fighting. At first I cut my teeth on learning how to properly “flame” a person, which is basically a way of creatively insulting the character of someone I’ve never met. From there I drew on the essay skills I first encountered in my sophomore English class and later developed in several college courses. I used these essay writing skills to craft logical and nearly indefensible arguments against the many trolls online that, I’m quite sure, were very impressed that I could draft a five paragraph response as to why I actually didn’t suck donkey nuts.

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