I’m a Victim, You’re a Victim, Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Victim Too?

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I’ve been told by numerous Christians that they are the most persecuted group in America and after checking the facts on this, I have to agree. For example, though it’s hard to imagine, there are still places in this country where loving heterosexual Christian couples are not allowed to legally marry. This is due to extreme intolerance from the gay community who feel that heterosexual marriage defiles the very sanctity of the institution and claim that marriage should be defined as one man and one man or one woman and one woman ONLY! The result of this is that many straight couples are unable to enjoy the legal benefits of marriage that their gay counterparts enjoy, such as being able to cover a spouse under health insurance and… wait… hold the phone. Let me just check something… Oh. Oh crap. Ok well… nevermind. Forget that first example. It seems I got my facts mixed up. Turns out it’s the other way around. It’s gay couples that can’t get married in some places and it’s Christians that are intolerant. Whoops. My bad.

It doesn’t matter. Christians are under attack; literally in some cases. For example, you may not have heard about the Muslim terrorist group right here in our country (Tennessee to be precise). It seems the religious leader of a Muslim terrorist group was plotting to attack a primarily Christian small town in upstate New York. This man, Robert Doggart, a former Congressional candidate actually posted horrible threats of violence right on Facebook. His criminal affidavit states he posted:

Target 3 [Islamberg]… must be utterly destroyed in order to get the attention of the American People”.

He allegedly also posted:

“Our small group will soon be faced with the fight of our lives. We will offer those lives as collateral to prove our commitment to our God. We shall be warriors who will inflict horrible numbers of casualties upon the enemies of our Nation and World Peace.”

In a call to a female that was intercepted pursuant to a wire tap, Doggart said:

When we meet with this state, the people that we seek will know who we are. We will be cruel to them.”

How can good Christians stand for… what? Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me? Christian terrorist? Wow, uh… ok. Folks, I’m terribly sorry. It seems I got this last example wrong as well. Apparently Robert Doggart is an ordained Christian minister in the Christian National Church. Seems he was organizing a group to slaughter innocent Muslims and burn their buildings to the ground. Please just ignore that last example. In fact, you can just erase it from your memory altogether and when Atheists or other Godless heathens mention it, just call them liars and pretend you never heard the story.

Let’s focus on other things and not let “facts” get in the way of our beliefs. There is one thing of which I am absolutely certain. Christians have been treated like they were crazy for their fight to bring prayer and Christian worship back to public schools. The fact that our Liberal government has seen fit to rob religious Americans of our constitutional rights is appalling. The Constitution guarantees the right to  prayer in public schools. I can’t believe that this would stand. Every child, no matter what their religious background (Jewish, Muslim, Pagan or even Atheist) should pray to the Christian God during school hours. In fact, because there are children who are not exposed to Christianity in their homes (which should be against the law if you ask me) it’s vital that they be exposed in school. If this isn’t a prime example of Christian persecution then I… huh? What? First Amendment? Separation of church and state? No way, that can’t be… oh, yeah ok. Here it is. Well, who would have thought that would be possible?

Ok, give me a moment to regroup here. Let’s see… Ok, I know. What about the good Christians who were killed when doctors who work in family planning clinics (where those abortions are performed) firebombed the homes of the Christians or shot them because the doctors were intolerant of… What? OH MY GOD! You can’t be serious. Wrong AGAIN? Christians killing doctors? Ok, that’s it. I give up.

Folks I apologize. I tried to make a point and I didn’t do a good job of researching my facts. It’s funny isn’t it? We can believe something so fiercely, but when we actually check to see if our beliefs are based on fact or just conjecture, dogma and false anecdotes, we can find that sometimes we are just WAAAAY off the mark.

Let’s forget we had this discussion and just go back to believing that Christians are the most persecuted group in America. That fills me with the warm fuzzy feeling of righteous indignation and I like that.

[Author’s note: This article was written before news of Josh Duggan’s child molestation and Mike Huckabee’s support of Josh was known. I would like to address this issue here as it relates to my original article. In short, Josh Duggan of the “19 Kids and Counting” television show admitted to fondling several underage girls when he was a teenager. Only hours after this news broke, Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, a very conservative fundamentalist Christian and ordained Baptist minister took to his Facebook account to pledge his support of Josh and the Duggan family and called for forgiveness and even condemned the “liberal media” for attacking Josh. The backlash from this has been phenomenal. I think Huckabee’s mistake here was that when he heard the news about Josh, (who is a friend) he did not see a story about a despicable child molester. He did not see the hypocrisy of Josh’s parents trying to shield the public from knowing about their son’s repeated actions (there were multiple occurences of molestation). All he saw was the “liberal media” attacking one of his Christian supporters and thought he’d play the “Liberals are attacking Christians” card, which in the past has always been effective in solidifying the Republican fundamental base. Unfortunately for him, he made a terrible miscalculation. Apparently, when it comes to molesting kids, even Christians will draw the line there. What’s really ironic is that back in 2009, he made the following comment (I’m printing relevant sections. Feel free to read the entire thing here).

“Some things are either right or wrong. It doesn’t matter who does them… What has our culture become when people can commit despicable criminal acts and yet get defended and excused because they are celebrities.”

The hypocrisy just never ends. This is why I rant. Duggan was a member of the Family Research Council, a fundamental Christian group that has openly condemned homosexuality and even suggested that gay men are far more likely to be pedophiles and molest children. Perhaps child molestation only counts when it’s being conducted by gay men?

Christians, let me suggest something. Stop making yourselves targets for condemnation with your hypocrisy and your fervent attacks on others. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the followers of Christ tend do more finger-pointing at those that don’t follow their faith than any other religion on the planet. I’ve never seen a group of Buddhists marching to prevent gay marriage. I’ve never seen Hindus going door to door trying to cram their religion down my throat. I’ve never heard of a doctor who performs abortions being killed by Rastafarians. Enough already. Get off your high horse and stop whining about how picked on you are. Shut the fuck up and try to maybe… I don’t know… stop being such dicks.

Sadly, in the end, the Duggans and right wing Christian politicians will try to make Josh the victim instead of the girls he molested and THAT is unforgivable.]


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