The Girl Who Wasn’t There (Part 4)

[Continued from Part 3]

Part 4

Casey awoke feeling the need to urinate. She sat up feeling groggy. Grabbing her phone on the coffee table she saw the time was 3:21 a.m.

“What the…?” Casey thought still trying to chase the cobwebs from her mind. Megan should have been here hours ago. She checked her text messages to see if Megan had contacted her since she fell asleep. There was nothing new nor did she have any missed calls.

“Why are people getting so flaky with me all of a sudden?” she wondered. She texted Megan and asked her where she was. “Knowing Megan,” Casey thought, “she may have gone home with Mr. Dark Hair”. Casey hated to think that, but Megan was not always the most reliable person she new.

Casey felt pressure from her bladder and recalled that she never peed earlier and now she had to really go. She grabbed the comforter with her right hand and flung it off of her so she could stand and hop to the bathroom. Once free of the comforter, she leaned forward to grab the coffee table to use as leverage to help her stand. As she shifted her body forward, she once again felt that unusual feeling of a loss of balance. As before, she felt even more off balance than the last time she attempted to stand. She looked down at her left leg in the dim light emanating from the kitchen. It took her a moment to realize with horror that her entire left leg was gone. She pressed both hands down where her thigh should have been and it met only the resistance from the sofa cushion.

Casey began to whimper in fear. She lurched forward and managed to balance herself on her right leg. Grasping the waistband of her pajamas, she yanked them down. They tumbled down around her right ankle. Her entire left leg was missing. She felt under her torso and her hand found smooth skin.

A wave of despair washed over Casey and she crumpled to the floor.

“What’s happening to me?” she cried loudly.

She lay on the floor of her living room crying. Finally she sat up and grabbed her phone. She remembered what Todd had said. He’d told her that if anything else happened to call for help. Her fingers punched in 9 then 1 and 1 again. She hit send and waited. After countless rings, a voice sounded on the other end. It was an emergency dispatcher. Casey tried to explain to the dispatcher what had happened to her but it came out sounding mostly like hysterical gibberish.

She did manage to get out her street address and apartment number. “2127 Adams St. Apartment 506. Please send help!”

The dispatcher promised to have first responders at her place within 15 minutes. The dispatcher stayed on the line with her until there was a knock at her door. With relief, Casey dropped her phone and crawled towards the door. She struggled at first but managed to stand upright enough to unlock her door and unlatch the chain. The door opened and a uniformed police officer stood just outside of her apartment. Behind him was a second officer and two men in dark blue uniforms that looked like paramedics. One carried a large case that presumably held medical supplies.

“Ma’am, are you ok?” asked the first uniformed officer.

“Please help me,” Casey croaked as she slowly lowered herself down to a sitting position.

“Have you been injured? Is there someone else in the apartment with you?” the officer asked.

“It’s just me,” said Casey. “My leg… my leg is gone” Casey started to cry.

The first officer glanced back at his partner and they both entered the apartment and walked past Casey.

“Let’s check the place out,” he said. He motioned to the two EMT’s. “Take a look at her and see what her deal is.”

The two officers pulled their flashlights and started to explore her tiny apartment. They turned on the light to each room they entered. They checked closets and behind the shower curtain in her tiny bathroom and soon returned to where Casey was sitting in her T-shirt and panties near the door. One EMT was on his knees taking her blood pressure. The other was collecting information from Casey.

“Ma’am, have you ingested any alcohol or any kind of narcotic substances within the past 24 hours or perhaps some kind of prescription medicine?” the attractive blonde haired EMT asked Casey.

“I have my medicine, but I only took two and that was hours ago,” Casey replied. She pointed to the living room. “The bottle is on the coffee table.”

The first officer walked over to the table and picked up the bottle. He read the label and then walked back to the EMT and handed it to him. The EMT took a look at the bottle.

“It’s just to help me control my anxiety,” Casey said.

The EMT read the label: Risperidone.

“Ma’am? Casey? Is this what you took?” the EMT asked Casey looking directly at her. Casey looked at the bottle in his hand.

“Yes,” she said. “I stopped taking it about six months ago but I took two tonight because I was trying to calm myself down.” It helps me to think a bit clearer.”

“Uh huh…ok,” said the EMT. He looked at his partner and showed him the bottle. “Casey, I think it would be best if we took you into the hospital for observation. Would that be ok with you?”

Casey looked relieved.

“Yes, that would be great. That way if this happens again, you can see it for yourself,” Casey said.

“When what happens again, exactly?” asked the second EMT.

“If any more of my body disappears,” said Casey seriously. “I told you already that I lost my entire left leg just in one day. I don’t want any more of me vanishing.”

The first EMT gave a knowing look at the two police officers. The first officer gave him a nod.

“We’ll follow you back and get the rest for our report,” the first officer said to the first EMT. The second EMT began packing up his case.

Later in the ER, Casey lay on a bed covered in white. The sheets were white, the blanket over her was white, the walls of the examining room were white and she had several monitors hooked up to her. A small clip attached to her index finger measured her blood oxygen content and she had an IV hooked up and saline was slowly dripping into her vein. She had taken her purse with her which held her keys and phone among other things. The EMT’s had helped her into her bathroom to urinate before she left and then they assisted her in slipping her pajama bottoms back on and later a nurse at the ER had pinned the left leg up for her so that it didn’t drag.

Casey lay in bed feeling relaxed partly because of the mild sedative they had injected into her IV, but also because she was no longer alone. She hoped that this nightmare would finally be over and that a doctor could give her a rational explanation of what had happened. Upon arriving, several nurses had questioned her thoroughly and it seemed to Casey that they plied her many of the same questions over and over. When she inquired how soon she’d be able to talk to a doctor, she was assured it wouldn’t be long. That was at least an hour ago. Still, Casey was not impatient. She had nowhere to go and only needed to kill time before Todd arrived. She rested easily knowing that she had already sent him a text him informing him that she was at the hospital and not at her apartment. He had not responded but she assumed that this was because it was still in the early morning. Casey gazed at the clock on the wall. It read 6:07 a.m.


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