Sick Children’s books

A companion book to Sammy's Splendid Smallpox

A companion book to Sammy’s Splendid Smallpox

Oh, the places I could go… with this absurd story. It seems that a creative anti-vaxxer from Australia named Stephanie Messenger decided to put her ridiculous views into a self-published children’s book. This tome of nonsense tries to glorify Measles and downplay the seriousness of contracting it. Her ill-informed perspective on disease is laid out on her author’s page from Amazon. She seeks to

Educate children on the benefits of having measles and how you can heal from them naturally and successfully. Often today, we are being bombarded with messages from vested interests to fear all diseases in order for someone to sell some potion or vaccine, when, in fact, history shows that in industrialized countries, these diseases are quite benign and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to the body. Having raised three children vaccine-free and childhood disease-free, I have experienced many times when my children’s vaccinated peers succumb to the childhood diseases they were vaccinated against.


Amazon is blowing up with sarcastic responses to this book. Here are a few examples:

My infant daughter went blind after contracting measles from an unvaccinated child, and yet there’s no braille version of this wonderful book for me to give her someday to explain to her how awesome the disease that took her sight away is.~ Seabisquick

As a carpenter who specializes in itty bitty coffins I can’t say enough good things about this book, my customer base has been growing at an epidemic rate!  ~ Sandra Bradley

The best book I have read since “Infant Car Seats Are For Sissies”. ~ stevedds

“Finally! A children’s book with an agenda I can get behind! I always thought I loved kids until I actually had one of my own and boy was I wrong! I researched anything and everything I could possibly do to get rid of the little brat, but I didn’t want to be arrested for murder and childhood cancer is just too darn unpredictable. Fortunately, I stumbled upon ‘Melanie’s Marvelous Measles’, and learned that there is a huge community of people who hate children as much as me! Thanks to Melanie, I was able to ignore my pediatrician’s recommendations to vaccinate my daughter before our trip to Disney World, all while acting like I want what is ‘best’ for my child.” –brittany

I figured I might as well add a few children’s book titles of my own to the mix. I could self-publish these just like Stephanie Messenger and make millions. Here are some oldies but goodies.


Polly Polio and Her Fabulous Crutches.

Colostomy Bags Are Fun (And Other Ways to Enjoy Colo-Rectal Cancer)

See Dick Run (A Fun Guide to Diagnosing Gonorrhea)

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Vaccination.

Charlotte’s Web (Of Lies About Measles)

If You Give a Mouse a Vaccination…. He’ll Develop Autism.

Ernie Ebola Goes to Africa

Is Your Dog Spot Wearing a Cholera?

Learning to Paint With Explosive Diarrhea

Who flu? You flu! Bird flu. Swine flu.

A Prayer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Cute Kitty Cataracts and the Wicked Ophthalmologist

Lance Boil and His Infectious Friends


While I normally applaud anything that allows the common person to have a voice, I can’t help but realize that before desktop publishing technology, this book would have never been put into print. No self-respecting publisher would get behind this kind of drivel. It’s the double-edged sword of progress.

On a closing note, it should be pointed out that the title to this atrocity of a book resembles that of the late great author Roald Dahl’s story George’s Marvelous Medicine. As the author of the article points out…

Dahl, however, was a strong proponent of vaccination, a position rooted in the tragic death of his young daughter from measles.

This makes Messenger’s book even more atrocious. So let the flambe of this blunder from down under continue. Feel free to add your own remarks in the comments.


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